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Kande Download Full Movie

Kande Download Full Movie

Genre : Drama, Action
Language : Punjabi
Director : Kavi Raz (Recently Directed) “Black Prince”
Staring : Yograj Singh, Sunita Dhir, BN Sharma, Preet Baath, Baaz, Kamal Virk, Jobanpreet Singh and Jeet Rurka
Release : 2017

‘Kande’ is upcoming Punjabi movie reveals that it will be full of Entertainment. Kande movie has been presented by VRV Production that will hit the theaters on 15 September 2017. The amazing poster of punjabi movie kande depicts the saying of punjabi’s – ‘Chirhiyan De Naal Baaz Larhaye’.

Kande has been directed by the director of Satinder Sartaj’s hollywood debut movie ‘The Black Prince’. Kande will features talented actors like – Yograj Singh, Sunita Dhir, Preet Baath, BN Sharma and Kamal Virk seems that the masala movie will leave some great impact on the society where there is so much of crime going on.

Kande will show the difficulties of life with full on action, drama and masala in it to the audience on 15 September 2017 in theaters near you.

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